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                About Us
                About us

                Deals of the Year 2018
                ChemChina Six-Tranche Bonds
                iQiyi NASDAQ IPO
                Pinduoduo NASDAQ IPO
                Xiaomi Hong Kong IPO


                IFLR Asia-Pacific 2019
                Deal of the Year - Equity: Xiaomi IPO


                The Asian Lawyer - 2019 Legal Awards
                Securities Deal of the Year (Equity): Xiaomi IPO


                China Business Law Deal Awards 2018
                Haidilao Hong Kong IPO
                iQiyi Nasdaq IPO
                Inter Media and Communication EUR 300 Million 2022 Bond
                SenseTime Series C/C+ round financing
                Suning Sports Series A financing
                Xiaomi Hong Kong IPO
                Administrative Penalty Hearings on CITIC Securities Suspected of Violating Regulations to Open Credit Accounts for Citadel (Shanghai) Trading Company




                2018 FinanceAsia Achievement Awards


                Deals of the Year 2018
                Debt securities Deal of the Year: Shanghai Port Group (BVI) Holding $10B Exchangeable Bonds
                Equity Securities Deal of the Year: iQiyi’s USD 2.25B NASDAQ IPO


                Top 10 Hong Kong IPO (Chinese Issuers) PRC Legal Adviser (April 2017- to March 2018)
                Yixin Group Hong Kong IPO
                Wuxi Biologics Hong Kong IPO
                Zhenro Group Hong Kong IPO  Details<<<


                Deals of the Year 2017
                BOC China Green Covered Bonds
                WuXi Biologics Hong Kong IPO   Details<<<


                China Law & Practice Awards 2017
                Equity Deal of the Year: Wuxi Biologics $510M IPO   Details<<<  

                Asian Legal Business Hong Kong Law Awards 2017
                Debt Market Deal of the Year: Bank of China “One Belt, One Road” Note Offering   Details<<<


                IFLR Asia Awards 2017

                Structured Finance and Securitisation: Bank of China Green Covered Notes    Details<<<


                ALM The Asia Legal Awards 2017
                Finance Deal of the Year: Insolvency and Restructuring: Pacific Andes USD 1.5B Global Debt Restructuring   Details<<< 

                Asian-mena Counsel Deals of the Year 2016

                Pacific Andes Restructuring
                Unisplendour-H3C Acquisition



                Deals of the Year 2016
                Jinjiang Environment IPO in Singapore   Details<<<


                China Law & Practice Awards 2016

                Equity Deal of the Year: Focus Media USD 7B Backdoor Listing
                M&A Deal of the Year: HP and Tsinghua USD 4.5B Partnership
                Debt & Equity-linked Deal of the Year: Greentown China Consent, Exchange and New Bond Offering   Details<<< 

                2016 Top 10 China inbound M&A deals

                Beijing Shougang Co. Ltd Acquisition of Shougang Group
                Focus Media Acquisition of Investment Group Led by Jiangnanchun (Individual Investor)


                ALB China Law Awards 2016
                Debt Market Deal of the Year: “One Belt, One Road” Bond Issuance by Bank of China Branches in  Abu Dhabi, Hungary, Singapore, Taipei and Hong Kong
                Stock Market Deal of the Year: Qihu 360 Privatization Deal
                M&A Deal of the Year: CSR -CNR Merger
                China Annual Deal Award: CSR-CNR Merger 


                Deals of the Year 2015

                M&A Deal of the Year: CSR -CNR Merger  
                Inbound ECM Deal of the Year: China National Nuclear Corporation IPO and Focus Media Backdoor Listing
                Outbound ECM Deal of the Year: Harmonicare Medical Hong Kong IPO
                Debt Capital Market Deal of the Year: China Life Debut Regulatory Capital Offering

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